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Edible Gift Ideas and a Giveaway!

Edible Gift Ideas and a Giveaway!

Hey readers! I hope you’re all keeping safe, healthy, and warm, and feeling as invigorated by the cold and general end-of-year excitement as I am. For my part, I spent most of this snowy weekend making cookies and candies to give to friends and family. If you need a visual, just think about being elbow-deep...
Let's talk turkeys.

Let’s talk turkeys.

I don’t usually get very personal on this blog. Recipes are great and all, but honestly? I’m not just vegan for all the delicious, fun food. I’m really here for the animals, which is why I spent spring of 2010 interning at the aptly named Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, New York. I think about...
...And We're Back!

…And We’re Back!

Hell Yeah It’s Vegan! is back for good and better than ever, so tell all your friends and be sure to stop by regularly for tons of awesome vegan recipes! For those of you who are wondering, the old site was lost entirely to the sands of time thanks to a corrupt database backup (probably...